Messenger Bags for Men, a New Fashion Statement

January 11, 2010

For a long time wearing a bag, regardless its size, was considered far too feminine for a man who felt proud of his masculinity. The only exceptions were bags that had to be carried for work such as those used by postmen or the ubiquitous briefcase.

The good news for those men feeling ashamed to wear girly bags down the streets is that there has been a revolution in bag fashion in recent years. Typical of this modern approach to male bags is are messenger bags for men.These bags have a range of possible uses, from carrying office paperwork to diapers (for the really modern man).

In the last decade these bags have moved from the backs of cycle couriers in New York onto the main street where it now seems that just about every second person can be seen wearing a messenger bag. For men these are particularly practical as they offer a more comfortable alternative to the usual briefcase, but also a bag that is more at home in the office or boardroom than a backpack. This is especially useful if you are carrying a laptop. Messenger bags often come with dividers and padded pockets to keep your computer safe. One can also find a range of styles of bags including canvas messenger bags or leather messenger bags.

Some messenger bags for men are based on the Gladstone bag developed by J.G. Beard in Westminster, a London borough, during the late 1800s. This large bag made of stiff leather became quite popular as a travelling bag, although it was also known as the “doctor’s bag” due to its shape. Today the Gladstone bag has been transformed into a messenger bag, rivalling those designer messenger bags for men like those leather designs manufactured byThierry Mugler.

What is the messenger bag euphoria about? Mainly it is about comfort. A typical laptop messenger bag is slung across the shoulder and are thus a lot more comfortable to carry all day. They also manage to hold a huge amount of stuff. The best of them are designed with pockets and the like to help you stay organized. Messenger bags for men are available in all sizes, shapes and materials.

So whether you plan to carry your laptop computer, netbook computer, or any of the other techy gadgets in your digital arsenal, a messenger bag is not only the new fashion chic, it is an extremely functional bag for everyday use. So break the cliche, and get out there with you man-bag!

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